Solutions Designed for Chemical Dependency & Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about Avea Solutions. We are helping revolutionize the process of medical billing, merchant banking, revenue cycle management, and compliance. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities facing substance use disorder and eating disorder facilities.  We built this company to specialize in providing solutions for behavioral health treatment centers. 


Avea harnesses the power of cutting edge technologies, expert staff, and custom solutions to get our clients paid quickly, simply, and securely. As a trusted partner to treatment providers, we are passionate about helping our clients continue to successfully provide life-saving services to their clients. 


We are dedicated to helping treatment centers succeed in their mission. Utilizing our team and our technology, we get results for life-changing recovery centers. We take pride in being the trusted partner to treatment providers. We believe that addiction treatment centers provide invaluable services to our communities, and we believe they deserve to be fairly and quickly compensated for those services. We truly love helping people, help people, and our solutions get results that make that happen!

We are not just a software company - we are part of your team!

"With Avea, we’ve been able to increase our cash flow and get money faster than we’ve ever been able to do before.  It’s enabled us to grow from an average daily census of 10 to 30, and increase our bed facility 46%.  Our office staff and manpower has been able to shift from chasing down billing issues to clinical and medical care."
Steve Thomason, CEO, Springboard Center - Midland, Texas


Claims Management & Advanced Analytics

From start to finish, we make eligibility and benefits verification simple and fast. Say goodbye to the frustration of time-wasting and repetitious processes. Our leading edge solution is based on a proactive, aggressive,  data-driven process that gets your claims verified and paid faster than ever.  Learn More...


Lockbox & Document Management

Our Lockbox solution is the fast, efficient and affordable way to automate your payment process. This service removes the hassles of sorting mail, making deposit slips, and time-consuming trips to the bank. Your checks are scanned and deposited to your account immediately – and the information is archived and available for you to view, retrieve, and search at your convenience. Learn More...


Expert Revenue Cycle Management Consultants

Our diverse team of experts offer consulting for your organization related to marketing, technology, banking solutions, billing, and clinical fields. Our goal is that the success of our business relies on the success of our clients. We are passionate about creating efficient, compliant, and meaningful processes.  Learn More...


Avea Charge Payment Portal

We provide our clients with a HIPAA & PCI compliant credit card processing platform that has competitive rates, the ability to automate payment plans, and the capability to process ACH transactions. Your clients now have a secure, convenient, and simple way to make payments. Let us demo the solution for you today! Learn more...


Secure Email

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your email  communications are now more secure than ever. Avea Secure provides email encryption, a variety of identity authentication options, receipt notification, the ability to revoke or set an expiration on an email at any time - and much more. Learn more...


Debt Recovery

Our friendly, and effective debt recovery solution utilizes advanced technologies, and a proactive system that will increase your revenues and help your clients avoid negative credit reporting. Guided by the principles of respect and integrity, our team works with your clients to help them fulfill their financial commitments to your organization. Learn more...


Our Mission is Your Success

The Avea Management Team. We are always a call away to help our clients succeed! 

The Avea Management Team. We are always a call away to help our clients succeed! 

Our custom solutions are cloud-based, HIPAA certified, and simple to use. Our team of billing experts brings years of experience, and cutting-edge technology to work for you. Whether you are a large institution, a small group practice, or a single private practice clinician, we understand the importance of getting claims submitted accurately and quickly. Our proactive approach paired with leading technologies guarantees you’ll get your payment faster than ever before. With custom tools at your fingertips, you can easily accept credit card, debit card, checks, or ACH payments – and no more waiting to get paid!  

Our approach is different... and it works. Our success is because of our team, the way we solve problems, client relationships, and the belief that every institution or private practice should have the best billing capabilities available.